Man Walked 4,500 Km Through China and Took a Photo of Himself Everyday

December 11, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

Photo credit: Youtube/Christoph Rehage

An unbelievable transformation!

Christoph Rehage set off walking in the fall of 2007 embarking on a journey he hoped would take him from Beijing, China to Berlin in Germany where he lived at the time, by foot.

Unfortunately Christoph did not complete his journey as planned, which would have brought him all the way back to Germany, but he did manage to walk for 4,500 kilometers, starting in Beijing, passing the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and ending his journey in Urumqi, in Northwest China — which itself is still an incredible feat!

Although he did not complete the full journey, Christoph managed to capture a photo image of himself, every day for the one-year period during different points of his walk. The timelapse in the video, captures the unbelievable transformation Christoph underwent, as well as some of the beautiful landscapes he walked through since he took his first step on day one. 

The journey definitely took its toll on Christoph as he walked through various tough terrain, and he had to put up with some difficult weather conditions along the way. Many people frequently ask Christoph why he wanted to walk so far. Rehage says it's because walking helps him feel connected to the places he visits. In conversation with Earthporm, Rehage says, "I visit a place by train, and I'm a tourist. I walk to the same place by foot, and the place is suddenly mine."

Some people also wanted to know why he had not completed the full journey as he initially planned, you can see some his personal responses to these questions on his blog.

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