VIDEO: Travel to the Moon in Stop-Motion

October 15, 2015 | Sarah Tse

Apollo 9 Earth Orbit
Photo credit: NASA / Project Apollo Archive

We dare you to watch this video without choking up and reminiscing about your childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

The Internet went haywire over the discovery of NASA's Project Apollo Archive of un-retouched, high-resolution photos taken by astronauts on the 11 Apollo missions. The Flickr archive contains thousands of photos that range from such iconic images as the first steps taken on the lunar surface to wobbly blooper-like close-ups of an astronaut's elbow. Still, each oddly-framed, blurry shot is worth perusing to give you an intimate glimpse into the reality of these fabled missions and the people behind them — you can almost feel the exhilaration that kept these anonymous photographers from holding their cameras steady and getting the perfect angle.

But scrolling through thousands of photos, many of which depict the exact same scene shifted by a mere millimeter or second later in time, does get a bit tedious. Thanks to Vimeo user harrisonicus, you can sit back and watch the missions unfold in stop-motion.

The video pairs the footage with uplifting music that's bound to erase any doubts you ever may have felt about the value of space research. We guarantee it's just as astonishing and inspiring the fifth or sixth time you watch it, so make sure to bookmark it for the next time your cubicle starts feeling particularly oppressive — and do check out the Flickr archive as well, as it has some hidden gems that didn't make it into the video.

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