NASA Has Officially Published a Peer-Reviewed Paper on the ‘Impossible’ EM Drive

November 22, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Experimental set up of the EM Drive in the paper.
Photo credit: White et al.

There have been years of speculation, debates, and various experimental claims about the proposed EM Drive technology, suggesting it might be the propulsion solution we have all been waiting for.  

The technology could increase our chances of venturing into deep space, using an effective thrust system for propulsion.

On paper, the technology seems fairly simple, but unfortunately, the proposed EM drive technology violates Newton's third law of motion — hence the reason why many experts have previously argued that the concept would never work. 

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Now, NASA has officially published a peer-reviewed paper that describes the EM drive technology with great detail, and get ready: it actually seems to work.

In case you missed all the previous hype about the 'Impossible' drive, Trace from Dnews will briefly explain the concept in the short video below:

According to ScienceAlert, this "is the first peer-reviewed research ever published on the EM Drive, which firmly takes it out of the realm of pseudoscience into a technology that's worth taking skeptically, but seriously." We will now have to wait and see what the coming months will bring, as further experiments will need to be conducted in space to see if the technology holds up. 

For now, you can enjoy the published peer-reviewed paper on the EM drive here.

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