WATCH: Bald Eagle Snatches Osprey Chick from Nest

August 5, 2016 | Erica Tennenhouse

Photo credit: Explore Birds

Incredible footage!

Rare footage from an osprey nest camera installed by and the National Audubon Society on Hog Island, Maine, captured the swift attack of a bald eagle on its prey on Monday.

The osprey parents were off foraging, leaving three vulnerable chicks home alone. Those who follow the live video stream from the nest will be familiar with the recently hatched chicks named Eric, Little B, and Spirit, who were nearly ready to fledge. While the sight of the approaching raptor led Little B to embark on his first-ever flight and Eric to stay low to the nest in an attempt to blend in, Spirit was whisked away in the commotion.

The incident calls to mind a similar one that took place last year, when the same osprey parents, Rachel and Steve, lost their entire brood in another bald eagle attack.

According to Steve Kress, vice president for bird conservation at the National Audubon Society, it’s a trend that is being seen in coastal birds — a result of rising bald eagle numbers.

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