How Dirty Is The Meat You Eat?

November 17, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

raw beef
Photo credit: Youtube/ Brit Lab

Is there actually anything living in the meat we buy?  The disgusting answer is yes. 

Your steak contains a wide range of surprises from bacteria to viruses, parasites to worms — all sorts of the nastiest life forms you can imagine. Raw meat is the perfect environment for microbes to grow and multiply, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that eating meat is a health risk.

As disgusting as it might sound, most of these are killed when the meat is prepared and cooked.

This video by Brit Lab goes into the details about all the grossest parasites that are in your food! If you're thoroughly disgusted by the video, try these tricks to keep your meats clean:

1. Sanitize your cutting boards and utensils with bleach or by microwaving them for 2 – 3 minutes.

2. Chill your leftovers immediately in the fridge or freezer. Foods left to cool slowly on the counter are the perfect temperature for bacteria growth.

3. Get a meat thermometer. It's the only way to be sure your meat has been heated to microbe-killing temperatures.


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