Green Flashing Meteor Spotted on Camera Over Southern California

April 29, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

April 26 green meteor seen from a dashboard camera
Photo credit: Screen capture from video Youtube user bigshotking12345

The green streak of light was visible from the Mexican border to Central California!

The skies over California were lit up with an astonishing green streak of light Tuesday evening (April 26).

Those individuals fortunate enough to have spotted the flash of green light shared their excitement about the sighting on social media. By 10 pm local time, 125 people had reported the sighting to the American Meteor Society.

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In a statement released to City News Service, U.S. Navy Lt. Laura Stegherr of the U.S. Strategic command said: “After investigation, U.S. Strategic Command’s Functional Component Command for Space…concluded that the information provided does not correlate to any of the more than 16,000 on-orbit cataloged objects tracked and listed in USSTRATOM’s Satellite Catalog and the publicly available website www.space-Track.org. Therefore, we have determined that the reentry of a man-made object did not occur at this time.”

The most likely explanation for the sighting is thought to be a meteor that entered through the earth’s atmosphere and burned up, leaving a trail of flashing green light as it disintegrated over the skies of California.

In the video below, one YouTube user captured the moment with a dashboard camera while driving home:


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