Can You Solve this 6th Grade Geometry Problem From China?

August 24, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Geometry puzzle
Photo credit: Screen capture from video by MindYourDecisions

What is the total area of the red spots?

Here’s a new geometry problem by MindYourDecisions.

You start with a rectangle that’s 10 by 20 in dimensions. Two corners of the rectangle are connected with a diagonal line. There are also two circles of equal size inside the rectangle that are tangent to each other and tangent to the rectangle.

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See if you can find the total area of the red spots.

Give the problem a try; it was supposedly asked to 6th graders in China. Can you figure it out?

There is a second problem in the video by MindYourDecisions below. If you find the solution to the first problem, give the second problem, which is much harder, a try.

You can watch the video for both problems; the solutions are explained towards the end:


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