Your Cup of Coffee Could End up Charging Your Phone Soon

December 9, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

Morning coffee next to a smartphone and a day planner.
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An energy boost for you and your phone!

A pair of students from the Copenhagen Institute For Interactive Design have proposed an idea that may allow you to charge your phone with your morning cuppa. According to their plans, embedding furniture with special pads will allow it to absorb latent heat and convert that into electricity.

The concept is called heat harvest, and it proposes to capture heat from objects that you use on a daily basis at home — heat that would otherwise be wasted. For the idea to work, the students will need to manufacture a range of furniture with these special pads that are able to absorb heat and covert it to electricity. The electricity that’s generated from heat harvest could then be used to do a range of different things, like charging your smart phone for example.

The idea has already sparked interest with IKEA, A Swedish furniture design company. A line of furniture could one day be released using this type of technology for consumer purposes. Making that early morning cup of coffee worth a whole lot more than just a caffeine boost!


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