You Can Now Use Google Street View to Explore Batman’s Lair

April 4, 2016 | Elizabeth Knowles

The Batcave
Photo credit: Screenshot from Google Street View

Experience the Batcave set like never before!

Google Maps are great for finding your way to a new location, discovering restaurants and shops, or getting public transit directions to your next destination, but what if they could do more? The Street View functions is wonderful if you want to know what a building looks like before you go there, but it only shows you the outside of a building — in most cases.

Now you can use Google Street View to look inside the Batcave from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice! I won’t spoil too much so you can go look yourself, but some of the highlights are various pieces of lab equipment, an excessive number of weapons, and of course the Batmobile. As you navigate around the complex, you may even discover some hidden details from Batman’s past.

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As usual with Street View, you can spin around to see 360-degree views of the rooms and click forward and backwards to travel through them. If you happen to own the proper equipment, you can even experience the set in virtual reality.

The above-group portion of the set is located in Detroit and isn’t much to see, but the Batcave, which serves as Batman’s command center, contains many passageways and floors to explore.

If you’re looking for further entertainment, fans have been reviewing the location, as one would a restaurant or shop, and many of them are worth a read — and a chuckle.

“Love what he's done with the place. Very Star Trek Into The Darkness meets Sleeping with the Enemy (the beach house, not the Victorian one). Could really use some fresh flowers and inviting music.”

“Booked to stay here on Airbnb. You'd think a billionaire could afford some heating. And an exterminator, there's bat droppings everywhere. Basement is flooded and full of various issues, including a shrine to a dead child. Not very appropriate when you're trying to relax and get away from all the death in Metropolis.”

“The house looks amazing. Last week he invited me over for some tea. I swear I saw him close a secret door and lock it with sophisticated lock systems when we entered his house that day. We are neighbours and we rarely see him at his house. Sometimes we hear the sound of a massive vehicle at night but I'm sure it's one of his super cars. Anyway, great guy.”

I bet it would be amazing to visit in person! Maybe they’ll start giving tours once they’re done using it as a movie set. 

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