Watch: Electronic Makeup Completely Transforms This Model’s Face

December 15, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

Photo credit: Youtube

It’s alive, but it looks slightly weird.

This is not your normal computer-animated creation, nor even a face painting, like those from your childhood. No, this is a living human (in this case, a female model) being transformed in real time, using computer software to generate her makeup.

Japanese artist Nobumichi Asai, the master of electronic makeup, can create almost any type of character within seconds using this digital method, projecting the makeup for him.

The process by which Nobumichi achieves this electronic makeup transformation is called projection mapping, and it causes the model in the video’s makeup to change in real-time.  The process can be thought of as relaying 2D images over a 3D image by using the Omote Software package.

It’s extremely beautiful and slightly strange to see the model's makeup change over a short time frame, without the mess of a real makeup or face paint. The future of electronic makeup looks really bright, and one day soon, it could become commonplace in the acting and music industry. Even in theatre and live shows, it could literally transform an actor into something completely new, within seconds.   

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