Tinder Wants You to Swipe Right for Your Favorite Candidate

March 24, 2016 | Gillian Burrell

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Dating app now offers to match you with Clinton, Trump, Cruz, or Sanders.

Tinder is making an unexpected move into politics with its new feature that encourages users to get involved in the ongoing American elections.

In partnership with Rock the Vote, a non-partisan group that encourages voter turnout, Tinder has developed a new feature called “Swipe the Vote” that allows users to join the political conversation.

The app asks your opinion on 10 issues central to the American election, including your stance of same-sex marriage and “Obamacare.” After you’ve answered the 10 questions, you’ll be “matched” with the political candidate who most closely aligns with your views. You can also see how your results compare with the political platforms of all the candidates and then share your match on social media.

Screenshots from swipe the Vote

Courtesy of Tinder

After you complete the questionnaire, Tinder offers to help you register to vote, a process they say only takes an average of two minutes.

Swipe the Vote appears to have been developed in response to a rash of complaints about political campaigning on Tinder. Earlier in the year, two women reported being banned from the app after using their accounts to promote presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

“There were a lot of unique ways people were using the app to campaign and advocate,” Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Buzzfeed News.

Whether or not Tinder users actually jump on board with the app remains to be seen but one thing’s for certain: this experiment won’t be their last.

“This isn’t a strategy, but I think you will see different ways where we’re going to use Tinder to spark new kinds of relationships,” Rad told Buzzfeed News.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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