These Cups Use Smell to Trick You into Drinking More Water

February 19, 2016 | Elizabeth Knowles

The Right Cup
Photo credit: screenshot from The Right Cup video

Close your eyes and you won’t know whether you’re drinking water or juice.

How much water you need to drink on a given day depends on many factors — your current hydration level, how physically active you are, the temperature, etc. — but given that our bodies are about 60 percent water, not drinking enough can have serious consequences. Other beverages like juice and pop can also help keep you hydrated and are often more appealing because of their flavors, but the amount of sugar or artificial sweeteners in them can be detrimental to your health.

When you “taste” a flavor like, say, lemon, what you are more likely experiencing is a smell. Your taste buds may tell you that it is sour, but it’s your sense of smell that tells you that it’s citrusy.

The Right Cup uses this fact to help you trick yourself into drinking more water. The company has taken “FDA approved aromatic fruit flavors” and embedded them into the material of the cup instead of your beverage. So, every time you take a sip of regular water, the cup will trick you into thinking that it tastes flavorful.

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According to their Indiegogo campaign page, their “unique design positions your nose right over the opening, so your nose fully picks up the fruit aroma while your tongue flirts with a hint of sweet taste.”

As the campaign mentions, not only will the cups help you stay healthier, they will also save you money. Filling a cup with tap water is a lot less expensive that constantly shelling out money for juice or pop. The aroma should last about 6 months if you wash and store it properly and will cost only $35.

Current flavors available are lemon lime, orange, mixed berry, peach, and apple, but the company is working on more, like cola.

A reviewer from described testing the cup for the first time: “When I took my first sip of water from The Right Cup straw I was blown away. The material is a smooth, hard plastic type material that smelled exactly like lemon. I honestly have no clue if the material tasted like lemon or if my brain was perceiving it that way, but is most certainly tasted like I was drinking a fresh glass of lemon water.”

According to makers of The Right Cup, the first sip isn’t even the best: “The brain is tuned to expect things and to compare them with past familiar experiences. So each time you drink from The Right Cup, the brain learns to better understand the taste experience, the result being an increased enhanced flavor experience each time you drink.”

Want to drink more water? It might be time to change what you drink it out of.

Watch the video below to see it in action:


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