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October 29, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Forms in Nature
Photo credit: HildenDiaz

Your home is your sanctuary, and the way you design it speaks volumes about your tastes, interests, and character. Whether you’re simply relaxing with a glass of wine after work or throwing a dinner party for friends, you want your home be the most awesome place imaginable. We found some items and decoration ideas that will accomplish just that.


1. Tiny Cloud by Richard Clarkson Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Bring the beauty of nature indoors. This ethereal home addition contains a smart LED-reactive speaker and ambient light that flickers to life when you enter the room. It can simulate all manner of weather conditions from a thunderous cloud to this insane rainbow mode. Get your own here.

 Tiny Cloud by Richard Clarkson Studio in Brooklyn, NY.


2. Anatomical Heart Vase by Esque Studio in Portland, OR.

Designed by Justin Parker, this vase represents the anatomy of the heart, the hardest working muscle in the body. The atria and ventricles are chambers for flower stems. Giving flowers from the heart has been reimagined. Get it here.

Anatomical Heart Vase by Esque Studio


3. Hammock Bed by Le Beanock in the United Kingdom

Pure bliss. No further explanation needed.

Le Beanock


4. Amber Onyx Wine Rack by the Mark Breithaupt Wine and Dine Collection in Phoenix, AZ

A unique wine rack for the wine connoisseur. This amber onyx seven bottle rack hosts both standard and jumbo bottles of wine with an organic flow of curves directly carved by the artist. Each piece is signed and dated. Get yours here.

Amber Onyx Wine Rack


5. 360-degree Forest Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz

Lighting can work wonders, especially with this “Forms of Nature” chandelier designed by Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz. The chandelier itself looks like a stunning bundle of white tangled branches, and the sculpture casts shadows on the walls and ceiling that look like a dense forest. Both beautiful and eerie.

Forms in Nature: a lamp that creates a forest of shadows in your home.


6. Mikado Bookshelves by Compagnie in Jura, France

Out with the boring bookshelves, in with Mikado. Essentially, it’s a sculpture on your wall that showcases your books as well. The bookshelf is designed by French architect Jean-Francois Bellemere, but you have the option to customize spacing options depending on the size of the books you want to display. Very clean and modern. Buy one here.

Mikado Bookshelves by Compagnie

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