The Smithsonian’s Collection is Now Online

December 15, 2015 | Elizabeth Knowles

Wooly mammoth skeleton on display at the Smithsonian Institute
Photo credit: Public.Resource.Org/Flickr (CC0)

Visit the museum using their 3D Exploration Tool

If you spent one minute looking at each piece, it would take you over 260 years to see the whole thing. However, only 1 percent is available for visitors to see at a given time. Now, the Smithsonian has begun the digitization of about 10 percent of its collections, and you can visit the pieces online.

The 3D Exploration tool isn’t a simple gallery of pictures. You can rotate the objects to get a 360-degree view, take cross sections, modify the lighting, take measurements, and go on virtual tours.



The Smithsonian calls it, “The end of "do not touch": Use the Smithsonian X 3D Explorer to explore and manipulate museum objects like never before. Create and share your own scenes and print highly detailed replica of original Smithsonian collection pieces.”

Some notable pieces include a wooly mammoth skeleton, models from the National Air and Space Museum, a mask of Lincoln’s face, and a killer whale hat. Objects are also organized into thematic tours.

What are you waiting for? Start exploring!

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