New Dating Site Aims to Save Americans From the “Unfathomable Horror of a Trump Presidency”

May 11, 2016 | Kelly Tatera

Maple Match home page
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By linking them up with Canadian partners.

Back in March, a poll revealed that nearly 20 percent of Americans would consider moving to Canada if Donald Trump ended up becoming the country’s next president.

Now, Joe Goldman, a 25-year-old education research and budding entrepreneur based in Austin Texas, has developed a service to make the whole ordeal a bit easier — meet Maple Match.

As the website states, “Maple Match makes it easy for Americans to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfathomable horror of a Trump presidency.”

Basically, the dating site wants to help Trump-disapproving singles find love, and perhaps even a new country to call home if he secures a presidency.

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Goldman describes himself as a man of “liberal persuasions” and tells The Guardian that he has a natural liking for Canada and its progressive leftwing image. Therefore, Maple Match is a creation of two of his passions: connecting other people and America’s progressive neighbors up north.

“When this election came about and I started seeing Donald Trump and the rise of his candidacy I started getting concerned, just like anybody else,” he said. “I thought it might be interesting to try something like this out.”

Right now, the service has yet to officially launch, but that hasn’t stopped eager singles from signing up for early access, from both Canada and the US.

Goldman says Maple Match has been receiving all types of pleas from desperate Trump-averse Americans. “Please help me,” one 22-year-old American wrote on his Maple Match application. “I found out my parents are voting for Trump and it literally broke my heart.”

On the other end, the generous Canadians seem to be waiting with open arms. “I want to meet an American woman who disapproves of Trump,” wrote one Canadian. “She must be willing to become a hockey fan and eat maple syrup and Beaver Tails in my igloo.” Oh boy.

Even Goldman has been pleasantly surprised with Maple Match’s performance. “Last week I had a hundred page views and I thought that was a great – I made a hundred people smile,” he said. But then, Maple Match went viral. Goldman says the site was getting 200 sign-up requests an hour by last Friday (May 6), and nearly 5,000 singles have already signed up for Maple Match even before its official launch.

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Although Maple Match might come off as a joke to some, Goldman argues that there’s something deeper to the idea than fleeting humor.

“Americans are using this as a serious opportunity to meet Canadians. People have been sending me paragraphs of explanation,” Goldman explains. “We’re not just building an anti-Trump app. We’re building something that connects people across borders, and that’s something that has the potential to grow.”

Goldman says that what will ultimately interest people is the option to find a partner who really means something to them, even if Trump doesn’t go on to win the election.

“This site shows that a lot of people are frustrated with the current dating options,” he adds. “A lot of Americans really want to meet Canadians. They’re looking for something new and something better.”

Leave it to technology to unite Trump-disapproving folks across borders.

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