The Most Complicated Watch on Earth has Some Shocking Functions

October 1, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Photo credit: Vacheron Constantin

Claiming the title of the most complicated mechanical watch ever made, Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin crafted an intricate watch boasting 57 functions — the previous record holder had a puny 33. The watch, Reference 57260, contains over 2,800 components, and each one was hand-decorated by a master watchmaker. 

The watch is encased in white gold and has a 60-hour power reserve. The back is inscribed with Vacheron Constantin’s motto in French, “Faire mieux si possible ce qui est toujours possible” — Do better if possible and that is always possible. 

The watch includes nine astronomical functions, including ones that show the seasons, equinoxes, solstices, and signs of the zodiac using a hand to represent the position of the sun. There’s even a star chart based on the owner’s city as well as a lunar calendar that shows the Moon’s phases and age. 

Constantin designed a truly astonishing piece of technology, and the title of “most complicated” watch is certainly deserved. 

Check out Constantin's intricate device in the video above. 

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