Luna Lanterns Bring the Moon’s Glowing Radiance Inside

October 1, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Photo credit: Acorn Studios

For all the stargazers out there, you can now bring the beauty of the moon into your own bedroom. A Taiwanese design firm, Acorn Studio, designed a lantern that looks like the moon with a lighting system that mimics the moon’s shape and color. 

The mystifying lantern, called Luna, aims to transform your personal space by infiltrating it with the divine and serene beauty of the moon. In congested city areas or parts of the world that don’t have prime sky gazing conditions, Luna’s soft yellowish glow can provide a realistic rendition of the enchanting moon on a clear night. 

Luna’s creators write, “Aiming to bring rich imagination to people about their spaces ─ living rooms, studios, yards and so on, we want to overcome the limits of conventional decoration. The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history, and it brings you mystery, delight, relief and romance. Luna unveils the potential of a space.” 

After you watch the video about Luna, you might not be able to resist the idea of illuminating your own space with some realistic-looking moonlight. 


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