Knocki Lets You Control Your Devices by Tapping Tables, Doors, Walls

June 17, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Knocki makes any surface smart
Photo credit: Courtesy of Knocki

You can turn any surface into a remote control!

A new Kickstarter campaign is making headlines with an idea that will make everyday tasks much simpler. Knocki is a smart device that users can install in their homes to turn any surface into a remote control. Anyone with wireless internet connection can experience the convenience of Knocki.

As the developers write on the Knocki Kickstarter page, “Technology should make our lives easier, so why does controlling it feel so complicated? An endless maze of mobile apps, smart switches, and other interfaces create a confusing and fragmented experience.”

“We believe there's a better way - Knocki offers the simplest, most natural, and accessible way to control the world around you.  You've never seen anything like it!”

You can pre-order the device by following this link. Orders are expected to ship by December 2016.

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