This Invention Simulates the Outside Weather Inside Your Home

September 14, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Photo credit: The Tempescope, an invention made by Ken Kawamoto, brings rain, clouds, and lightning storms to life — right inside your home.

Checking your phone for weather updates is officially outdated and boring. Engineer Ken Kawamoto has created a way for you to get instant weather updates with his Tempescope creation — it simulates rain, clouds, and lightning storms right inside your house.

The Tempescope is an ambient physical display that pulls hourly forecasts via wireless connection. Once it knows the weather predictions, it creates those meteorological conditions inside the sealed, acrylic box. The innovative device uses a combination of water and ultrasonics to create cloudy vapor inside the box. With the help of a water pump and a mist diffuser, it can also gather water at the top of the box and drip it down to simulate rain. Thunderstorms or sunshine are displayed with LED lights.

The design offers a creative, original, and soothing display of the outside world’s current conditions. Check out the official website to purchase the device or learn how to build your own:

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