How to Build a Desktop Catapult

February 19, 2016 | Elizabeth Knowles

Office catapult
Photo credit: Screenshot from Sick Science! video

With basic office supplies.

It’s Friday, but does everything seem a little too quiet at the office? Everyone is looking forward to the weekend, but do you need something to spruce up the rest of your day?

Enter the desktop catapult: In the Sick Science! video below, Steve Spangler Science shows you how to build one of your very own with objects you probably have lying around the office — no hammers or saws required.

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You will need:

-       A plastic spoon
-       A hot glue gun
-       A staple remover
-       A three ring binder

-       Small items for launching — they recommend cereal

By gluing the bottom end of the spoon to the staple remover, you can create the launching mechanism. Gluing the staple remover to the binder gets you a better angle and also holds it in place. However, you can adjust this angle by adding a book or two inside the binder.

All that’s left to do is find something to launch! Cereal? Candy? Marbles? Grapes? Mini marshmallows? What are you going to use?


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