Clap Your Hands and These Self-Parking Chairs Slide Back Under Their Desks

February 23, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Intelligent Parking Chair
Photo credit: Screen capture from video by Nissan Newsroom

The ultimate tool for neat freaks and school teachers.

Forget about self-parking cars. Nissan has just released a video in which they preview a new concept: intelligent parking chairs. Yes, that’s correct, these chairs move and park themselves under their appropriate desk when given the instruction to do so.

Various cameras around the office space locate each individual chair within a given room. This information is computed electronically and a route is generated and sent wirelessly to each chair. All that is necessary for the chairs to organise themselves and move back to their position under the desk is for someone to clap their hands!

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This video by Nissan was released as part of a promotion for their parking assist function, which helps drivers of certain Nissan Vehicles automatically steer into a parking space.

They made the link with this funny statement:

“With this innovation in office technology, Japanese businessmen are now freed from the troublesome task of arranging chairs, using this new technology already adopted in Nissan vehicles.”

Watch the video here:

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