Bizarre Musical Instrument Plays Music Using Sea Waves

November 19, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

Photo credit: flipian/Flickr

Listen to the eerie music of Zadar's Sea Organ in this video.

A rather bizarre architectural project in Zadar, Croatia plays music using the natural movements of sea waves. The musical instrument was created by architect Nikola Basic and consists of a series of steps with holes with a system of pipes underneath the stairs. When waves crash against the steps, water and air is pushed through the holes in the bottom of the steps and into tubes, which generates different sounds, rather like a strange, large pipe organ.

The intensity of the sounds and notes emitted by instrument depends on the tide and the water force generated by crashing waves against the steps. Even passing boats in the near vicinity could have an effect by changing the tidal waves, creating different pitches.

Zadar has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years. The city was destroyed in the Second World War and the organ has helped to rebuild the waterfront area of the city, bringing new hope and life to the area.

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