AI Robot Meets The Real Woman Who Her Personality Emulates

September 24, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Photo credit: The LifeNaut Project

Watch the conversation between BINA48 and the real Bina Aspen as the AI robot and human meet for the first time. 

BINA48, one of the world’s most advanced social robots, was created based on a composite of information from a few people, including Bina Aspen, co-founder of the Terasem Movement. The Terasem Movement is hinged on the idea that, in the future, human consciousness will be able to be transferred to a biological or nanotechnological body, essentially transcending death. 

BINA48, a striking resemblance of the real-life Bina, was created using artificial intelligence, video interview transcripts, face recognition, laser scanning life mask technology, and voice recognition technologies. 

BINA48 is growing and learning at an exponential rate, evolving with the memories, values, and beliefs of others as well as developing her own. Watch how the conversation unfolds between her and the human Bina as they meet for the very first time. 

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