The 5 Coolest Tech Inventions of 2015 and Beyond

September 3, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

Quadrofoil: the new eco-friendly jet ski on hydrofoils.
Photo credit: Quadrofoil

1.    Prynt

Prynt is the first ever instant camera printer for iPhones and Androids. Basically, Prynt is the Polaroid camera of the future. People take hundreds of pictures on their smartphones all the time, but rarely make the effort to go get them printed to share with friends and family. With Prynt, you just slide your iPhone into the slim device, snap a picture, and a Polaroid-like picture prints out immediately. Check out the campaign video and see for yourself:


2.    Quadrofoil

The watercraft of the future is here. Quadrofoil boasts an all-electric motor and special steering system so not one drop of oil leaks into the environment. Made with aerodynamic design and precision engineering, it’s unsinkable and has an inbuilt anti-collision system. The eco-friendly watercraft’s zero emissions and silent motor enables it to ride on lakes, rivers, and seas where most motor boats aren’t allowed. Quadrofoil offers a sleek, thrilling, environmentally-friendly ride to all watersports lovers.


3.    Sesame

Open Sesame. Your house keys have been reinvented with this new tech innovation. The sleek white design fits onto your lock in seconds without removing or swapping anything out. Then, you can set up voice activation and special knocks to open the door in seconds, key-free. We’ve all had rough nights or pre-coffee morning states where our keys just seem to have disappeared into thin air. Integrating your house keys into your smartphone is the wireless key system of the future.


4.    neuro:on

The world’s first smart sleep mask that helps to manage sleep and shift to a polyphasic sleep schedule (sleeping multiple times during the day). The wearable mask measures your biological signals, including brain waves (EEG), muscle tension (EMG), eye movements (EOG), pulse, body temperature, and body movement during sleep. Using 3 electrodes, sensors, and lights, the device even vows to help with jet lag and induce lucid dreams. Preorder yours now.


5.    Here

Doppler Labs have invented revolutionary headphones that allow you to customize how the world sounds around you. You can turn up the bass at a concert or tune out the sound of crying babies on an airplane with a series of algorithms that modify certain frequencies as they enter your ears. The wireless earbuds might be the first step toward bionic hearing.


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