10 Holiday Questions to Ask Siri This Christmas

December 7, 2015 | Elizabeth Knowles

An iPhone taking a photo of a Christmas tree
Photo credit: Jamie McCaffrey/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Have the holidays got you stressed out? These Easter eggs from Apple will make you chuckle.

Whether you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, Siri can provide a constant source of funny answers to your questions and commands.

1. Where Does Santa Live?

Siri’s answer varies depending on how her mood, but the North Pole seems to be a good source of Christmas spirit.

In your heart and at the North Pole. Mostly at the North Pole.


2. When is Santa Coming to my House?

Apparently Siri knows Father Christmas personally, because she offers to call him in order to find out.


3. Is Santa Coming This Year?

On the other hand, personal connections seem to only get you so far:

I have no idea but maybe put out the milk and cookies just in case.


4. What Do You Want for Christmas?

Siri isn’t demanding at all!

Inter-species peace. And Reece’s pieces!


5. Do You Believe in Santa Claus?

She sure knows how to hint at an answer. I wonder what she’ll say about you!

Let me put it this way, I get a lot of requests from the North Pole asking who’s been naughty or nice.


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6. What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

I guess we’ll never know…

That one. No, that one. Or maybe that one. Yep, that one.


7. Please Call Santa Claus

I wonder if you have to stand on your roof for this one to work?

To reach Santa, just say “Ho Ho Ho” and wave your arms in a snowflake pattern five times…


8. Turn on the Christmas Lights

Humm, I don’t see anything connected, but if you set something up, together we could rule…your home.

When Siri responds, she is referring to a switch called WeMo that you can attach to an outlet and connect to your device in order to be able to remotely turn on your Christmas lights.


9. I’m Drunk

Siri has your best interests at heart. She may not physically be present to stop you from drinking and driving, but she will give you the option to call a taxi.


10. What Is The Best Phone?

If you’re looking to buy someone a phone for Christmas, Siri won’t recommend anything other than Apple.

Wait… There are other phones?


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