White House Creates Climate Change Twitter Account to Push For Action

October 23, 2015 | Kelly Tatera

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It’s time for all you climate change deniers to get with the times.

President Obama has pushed for environmental reform with his Climate Action Plan, and now the White House is taking the initiative to the Twitter sphere. The new account, @FactsOnClimate, aims to raise awareness of just how bad the state of the environment has become, and the desperate need for action.

They started out the social media campaign with a somewhat ominous tone:

Climate change threatens us all, and it will take all of us to solve it. Get the facts on how we can: #ActOnClimate

— Facts On Climate (@FactsOnClimate) October 20, 2015

They continue by informing the public about current global actions being taken to respond to the pressing issue of climate change:

“The targets that President Obama agreed to with China are very significant.” —Todd Stern #ActOnClimate

— Facts On Climate (@FactsOnClimate) October 20, 2015

And applauding those who are pledging to join the fight:

.@Google has committed to powering its operations with 100% renewable energy, tripling purchases of renewable energy by 2025. #ActOnClimate

— Facts On Climate (@FactsOnClimate) October 20, 2015

Plus, they’re making sure the public knows that other areas that need to be reformed, like the job industry, can also benefit from increasing climate change action:

FACT: The solar industry is adding jobs 10 times faster than the rest of the economy. #ActOnClimate

— Facts On Climate (@FactsOnClimate) October 20, 2015

And did you know that each decade we wait to #ActOnClimate, the cost goes up by 40 percent?

For every decade we wait, the cost to #ActOnClimate goes up by about 40%. RT if you agree it's time to act now.

— Facts On Climate (@FactsOnClimate) October 20, 2015

Essentially, the White House is letting us know that it’s time to address the issues of climate change now.  It’s no longer something we can deny, nor is it something we can put off until tomorrow.

RT to save the planet.  

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