Where Should You Go If the World Ends?

March 2, 2016 | Joanne Kennell

14 best places to go in case the world ends
Photo credit: Dragan Radovanovic/Business Insider

Infographic points out the 14 best places to go in case the world ends!

Our planet is facing some pretty unsettling times.  From climate change to water and food shortages and increasing political and military tensions around the globe — it no longer seems far-fetched to wonder what to do (and where to go) if the world as we know it starts collapsing.

According to Business Insider, these are the 14 best places to go if the world ends.  From their list, I am going to pick my top three and explain why in a little more detail.

The 14 Best places to go in case the world ends
The 14 best places to go in case the world ends
The 14 best places to go in case the world ends
The 14 best places to go in case the world ends

photo credit: Dragan Radovanovic/Business Insider

Number 1: Yukon

Yukon is first on the list because, well I am Canadian and would like to stay on home turf, but not only that — as the image explains — it is very remote with very small and scattered populations.  The more open space there is, the more distance you can put between yourself and a threat.

Of course, there is also an abundance of food.  In fact, there are actually more moose than people in the Yukon, and since farming may not be an option after a global catastrophe, hunting and trapping will be crucial.

And once civilization begins to rebuild, you could work as a miner since Yukon has several mineral reserves.  Just remember that the Yukon is very cold, especially in winter, so having appropriate survival gear is crucial.

Number 2: Iceland

Iceland is one of the most isolated countries in Europe — located hundreds of miles from any other land, which makes things tough for foreign invaders.

It also houses plenty of resources needed for survival such as the most abundant seafood stocks in the world, and most of its electricity comes from geothermal energy from the country’s active volcanoes.

This is one place where you definitely will not have to worry about keeping warm or staying fed — unless you don’t like fish…

Number 3: The Isle of Lewis

This lovely island is located in the North Atlantic ocean, at least three hours (by boat) from the mainland of Scotland, meaning it will most likely be sheltered from any wars.

Not only that, the island has bountiful amounts of natural resources and food.  What more could you ask for when trying to survive a crumbling global society?

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