Where Do Mosquitoes Go During the Daytime?

August 24, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Mosquito feeding on blood
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Have you ever wondered what the bothersome pests get up to during the daytime?

We all know mosquitoes can be extremely annoying and bothersome, especially during warm summer evenings, whether you’re camping close to source of water, or just leaving a window open to enjoy a cool summer while struggling to fall asleep in the heat. Unfortunately, that is the time of the day mosquitos enjoy pestering us the most, from dusk till dawn. They leave us with red itchy bumps on our skin after enjoying their blood-sucking endeavors.

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Mosquitos are also a cause of concern as they are capable of carrying diseases and viruses, like Zika, in underdeveloped countries. But just what do these little creatures get up to during the daytime when they are not out and about looking to get their fix of blood?

To help us understand more about mosquitos and their lifestyle activities, the video by Today I Found Out explains why we hardly ever get bitten by a mosquito during day time hours.

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