Video: River of Hail and Sand Rages Through Arabian Desert

November 17, 2015 | Joanne Kennell

Photo credit: Raw News/Youtube

The bizarre weather event was caught on tape.

Extreme weather is becoming a common phrase for many weather forecaster across the planet.  The Middle East has been suffering from wild weather such as extreme heat, sand storms, extreme precipitation, and unusual and rare hail storms.

Something very strange happened in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter Desert, the largest desert in the world.  The video, uploaded by Latina News TV on November 11, shows a usually stationary part of the desert flowing at high  speed.

This river is not made of liquid water but a combination of sand and hail. Hailstorms, thunderstorms and heavy rains are what caused this terrifying ice flow. When the hail from these storms on the ground melted, what was once a dry desert turned into a flow of ice pieces and sand.   

In one part of the video, a man is seen reaching into the massive flow and scooping up large chunks of hail.


Editor's note (February 5, 2016): The video originally embedded in the article was removed from Youtube. It has been replaced by a Youtube video uploaded by Raw News.

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