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You Can Hack Your Brain To Have Unlimited Senses

January 15, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

The human brain
Photo credit: Screen capture from video by TestTube Plus

Unlimited senses anyone?

The idea that you are able to hack your brain to have unlimited senses might sound bizarre to you, but there is actually truth to the statement. Our brains have much more “plasticity“ (a capacity to be remolded) than we might acknowledge. The brain has a remarkable ability to adapt quickly, finding new uses for information that could help us survive.

Listen to this video by Trace Dominguez from TestTube Plus as he explains that we can use the brain to gain new senses. 

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The interesting example he uses is of people who are born blind. These individuals might lack their visual sense since birth, but they make up for their inability to see by using echolocation which takes over their navigational ability. It allows the brain to see, without the use of eyes!

As it turns out, our brains can do almost anything, it just depends on the information we provide it. With this reminder of how amazing, our brains are! You might want to consider a brain upgrade, with unlimited possibilities!



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