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Mind-Bending Anamorphic Illusions

December 23, 2015 | Johannes Van Zijl

A desk with seemingly innocuous objects on top
Photo credit: Photo credit: Screen capture of video by Brusspup

This is not what it seems.

Anamorphic illusions can be very deceiving to the eye. In this video by Brusspup they show three different anamorphic illusions: a shoe, tape roll, and a Rubik's cube. The trick works by observing the object from just the right angle, which makes the object seem three dimensional and lifelike. The moment you move, the image becomes distorted, leaving you to wonder what just happened

Brussup allows you to download the three different objects used in their anamorphic illusion (the shoetape roll, and Rubik's cube) that you can print on 8.5 by 14 paper and use to perform the same trick at home!

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