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How Will You Fare in the Color Perception Test That’s Trending on Facebook?

July 4, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Kuku Kube, color perception quiz
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Give this simple looking but insanely challenging color perception quiz a go!

A free color quiz called Kuku Kube is making the rounds on Facebook and other social media outlets. The perception quiz tests a user’s ability to differentiate between different shades of color.

There are eight increasingly difficult levels in the quiz that test the user’s eyesight, whereafter a score is given.

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The game starts with four simple squares from which the user needs to choose the square that’s of different shade. As each level continues, more and more squares are added to the test, making it increasingly challenging to pick out the shaded square.

Kuku Kube, color perception quiz

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The key is to be as quick as possible in choosing the shaded square!

Kuku Kube, color perception quiz

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The user is only allowed 60 seconds to complete as many levels of the quiz as possible, before they are scored.

User scores between 11 and 15 are considered to have poor eyesight. 15–20 falls below the normal range. Anything between 21 and 30 falls within the normal vision range, and anyone with scores above 31 are considered to have exceptional vision!

You can play Kuku Kube here to see how you fare. Brag about your scores in the comment section below!  

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