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Does Taking a Lot of Selfies Make You Psychopathic?

February 24, 2016 | Johannes Van Zijl

Photo credit: Paško Tomić/flickr (CC BY 2.0)

What does excessive selfie-taking say about you? Well, it turns out if you take a lot of them, you might be a psychopath.

According to research from Ohio State University, famous celebrities, football players, and basically anyone who takes excessive numbers of selfies for social media is more likely to exhibit psychopathic and narcissistic qualities than those who don’t.

The study used online surveys to investigate the “dark triad” of personality traits, including psychopathy, and self-objectification in American men aged 18 to 40 as a way to predict social media use and visual self-presentation (a.k.a selfies). The study concluded that men who reported taking extra time to edit selfies with Photoshop or alternative editing programs before posting them on social media exhibited higher levels of self-objectification and narcissistic qualities. On the contrary, the men who took excessive amounts of selfies and posted on social media without editing them exhibited more psychopathic qualities.

In the video below by Dnews, they explain the dark triad — a collection of personality types which are linked to the way we take and post selfies on social media! You might be surprised that we all display most of these personality traits, for better or for worse, at one point or another in our lives.


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